Take A Stand

Take A Stand

By Izanae Holley



You broke her down her kingdom listened to her scream and shout

You surrounded her with no where out

You trapped her in fear

Laughed at her every tear

You pushed her to the ground

While she was down

She was lonely no one around

You would call her a name

Left a scar of shame

You’re to blame

You left her with no where to hide

Stripped her of her last piece of pride

With no one by her side

Her heart thrown by your evil prank

You chained her threw her in the sea and watched her sank

Took away her Beliefs, Dreams, Happiness, Hope

She needed your help to climb on her feet you just burned to rope

You made her life hell

She felt imprisoned like a jail cell

You made sure she fell

You suffocated her in mud

You didn’t stop till she seen blood

You watched shocked as a tear fell from your eye

You couldn’t believe it as you watched her die

You wished it was a lie

As you cry

Her free soul slips out of her body into to the sparkling sky    

You couldn’t believe the sight

It gave you a fright

You wanted to make it right

You felt anger towards yourself pure hate

You wanted to hug her, say sorry, and beg her for her forgiveness

But it’s much too late

You finally opened your eyes to see what you did was wrong

Now that innocent girl is gone

And your happiness followed along



R.I.P to all who left this earth because of bullying


To all who are bullied you’re strong, amazing, and powerful in so many ways. Keep your head held high; remember the limit is beyond the sky!!!


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