Surviving and Healing

Was bullied from 1st - 10th grade.   I was different then the rest of the kids.  I loved Art.  This was my escape from reality.  I was very shy and smiled a lot.  Kids tormented me because I always smiled.  I put on a front to try to show them that they couldn't bring me down.  Inside they did,  on the outside I keep smiling.   I was tripped, Books knocked out of my hand,  Kids spat on my lunch.   Sprayed perfume on me in class.  Last to be picked in Gym.   Feared going to the restrooms.  Had kids laugh at me and complain to the teacher when I had to read in front of the classroom.  I had a lisp so that enhanced the teasing.  I use to avoid certain hallways.  I wasn't a fighter plus my dad said if I ever got into a fight at school, I would be punished.      Was not fun.

  I recently viewed old home movies of me and everyone tells me how cute I was.   Sadly I never knew it.  I thought I was the most horrific looking human on the face of the earth.   I was called many things.  So after so long I was convinced that is all I was.    Once I moved things changed.  I moved from NY to AZ and what a difference.  I was still the same person but students loved my lisp, my looks and my not so macho personality.  Don't get me wrong,  I continuously questioned everyone who wanted to talk with me.    It has taken me many years to finally get a grip of my past and deal with it.  The best way for me to healing is to do something about it.   I am not a good public speaker  ( I still have that over whelming fear of everyone laughing at me and I start to panic.)  so I use my voice through the computer.   This movie is a life changing experience for me and I will do whatever I can to reach as many people as I can to help bring attention to this movie and to help give Victims a voice.        -  Gary Liefer       

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