SURPRISE! Your on Cancid Camera

My grand daughter was beat up after school.  Her last day of school She was walking home with her best friend. When by surprise a young girl grab her from behind and pulled her hair drop her to the ground.  started beating her up.  Got on top of her stomach just kept punching her and calling her names.  Really messed her face and body.  Especially her self-esteem and trusting people.  Another student was taping the fight and they put it on Facebook.  I report the incident to the School and the Police Dept., none of them did NOTHING to the students.  The Asst.Principal told me he couldn't do anything that he was starting his
Summer Vacation.  That he would deal with it when school starts in the fall.  That my grand daughter needs to face the girls and get back to school.   I told him have you ever since a girl get angry with another girl for no reason or be cause they don't like you.  Have you ever seen a Latina girl take revenge on another girl.  You think Am sending her to the Lions Den?  I won't do that to her.  He didn't suspend the girls or moved them NOTHING was done to them.  I moved my granddaughter to another High School.  The Asst. Principal tried to tell me there were No Opening anywhere else.  That swhe had to stay at the High School and deal with it.  I told him I will be damn if I will send her back.  I know there is another school in the District.  I found one she is attending there.  She has been real bad her personality has change.  She has anxiety attacks.  She has had problems with her stomach and her monthly periods.  She had emergency surgery her appendrixs.  She's in counseling.  She's affair to be alone even at home.  She won't stay home alone.  She gets alot of headaches.  Bullying it ruins youg peoples lifes.  I have gone through alot with her because of all of the bullying they have doen to her.  I am very disappointed with the Police, Asst. Principal,
School and the District.  They are not for the safety of the students.  If it had been a white girl they ould of done something.  But grand Daughter is Native American.  I m very hurt and angry at the School.  That they clean their hands to wha was done.   I am a Correctional Educator who works with At Risk Students.   I ahve seen alot and hurt alot. 



Isabel De La Cruz

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