Suicide is NEVER The answer.

Hi I'm Melissa. I'm 14 years old and in Middle School (8th grader). Last year was the worst year for me. Throughout the year i had people call me fat, obese, stupid, and that i should just kill myself. I thought i had good friends to defend me and help me, but they just laughed with the crowd. I never had friends since the 3rd grade, because there was this girl named Gaby who would bully me and make everyone go against me. It was that way till the 6th grade. I only had 1 friend to always be there for me, and not leave me for the popular crowd, and her name was May. In December, i was hit by a car. My front teeth was destroyed, I had a fractured arm, i had bruises on my hands, legs, neck, and face. It was terrible. When I came back to school after a week of the accident, people already started spreading rumors about me. They said that I did it on purpose, that I'm an attention seeker, I'm faking my injuries and more. I felt alone, weak, hopeless, depressed. The person who i thought was my friend saw me get hit by a car, and he told everyone that he laughed at me, and walked home happy. Some people actually agreed on his statement, and how did i find out about this? Someone told me. I started cutting, crying every night wondering what did i do to deserve this. I was called an attention whore, b*tch, Fata**, and people said that i should have died during the accident, and that it was karma for what i did, even though i don't really know what i did. I didnt have any friends. I was an outcast. I thought i was going to be alone for the rest of my life. I tried killing myself several times but my parents would always stop me. They told me that i was just acting like a baby and to suck it up, but i couldn't get over it. My whole world was falling apart.That is where May comes in. She was so sweet to me. I've known her since Kindergarten but I never really talked to her because she hung out with the girl who bullied me in the 3rd-6th grade. May and I would always sit next to each other at lunch, we would go eat frozen yogurt near her house, she would come to my house and we would be watching PewDiePie videos. She was my new best friend. Through the year we spent almost every minute together, and i didn't care what other people said about me, because i had a friend to now support me, and defend me, something that my other ''friends'' couldn't do for me. If it wasnt for her, i would be in a coffin, while my parents mourn for my loss. But i became a stronger person now, and i don't let anyone take advantage of me. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

I want this story to show that you will find a friend soon, a real friend who cares for you and protects you. Someone who will be right next to you till the end. I want you guys to hold on, tell yourself that everything is going to be okay, because it will be okay. Even though i did try to kill myself, i now realize that i was wrong, and ending myself would not solve the problem that is just going to be there temporarily. My world was going to fall apart, but i met my best friend, and i know you will too. Just hold on a little longer. <3

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