Stuck in the shadow...

I was 11 when I moved and joined a new school, my brother had been there a year already, he was a rebel and caused a lot of problems, I was a very shy 11 year old unlike him so everyone thought I was an easy target, it started with name calling and horrible looks, it gradually got worse to the point that i was self harming, starving myself and so close to losing control of myself all because of what they were doing, after 4 weeks of constant abuse I was eventually taken out of the school to re-build what was left of me, when I went back to the same school they tried to go back to the way it was but by this time I had forced my way out of the shadow I was stuck in and became a new person, I gradually started to build up the confidence that i knew was inside me all along and started to stand out, I was unique, stopped letting people drag me down and proved that I was stronger than them. I know that if that didn't happen to me i would never be as strong as I am now, no matter where I am, who I am with I will always be myself and never any different, no 11 year old should have to suffer the way I did and the way many others have done and still do. If anybody that reads this is currently enduring the torture of bullies, speak out about it don't let it eat away at you until there is nothing left, talk to someone whether it be your mum, dad, siblings or even a teacher, sometimes it takes a lot for them to truly see whats going on, but keep pushing don't let them ignore whats happening, you don't deserve it one bit. Keep believing that you can beat whats happening and be a better person than them! 

Stay Strong...

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