Story About Myself

I was picked on in Elementary because I have severe ADHD. I am very hyper and can be very talkative at times. Students knew how to push my buttons. After removing myself off of Medication I learned how to control my ADHD better. Still to this day you can see signs of it in my Hyper Activity but my Anger control is much better. After Elementary school I moved into the Junior High School where the bullying from students was not as bad. There was some but it was not everyday. The main problem was that when the School found out that i was no longer on Medication for ADHD and they were not happy with that they targeted me. Everything I did was considered a Anger outburst. I would tap my foot while listening to the teacher to focus my brain and i would be wrote up for it every time. After a little bit we realized what was going on they were trying to gather enough probable cause to have me court ordered back on medication. It never made it that far. Half way through 9th grade I dropped out of school and relocated to a new town. I remained out of school the rest of the 9th grade year. Upon returning to school we were served Truancy Papers and had to appear in court. The Judge after a couple court dates Dismissed the case. The School was no longer in control of me. I went to Alternative Learning Center were I graduated a little late but that was ok.
I was bullied more by School Staff than I was by Students. This is why The Bully Project is something i am taking to heart and will be dedicated to whatever it takes to end bullying.

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  • Marianne Manilov
    commented 2013-03-25 20:42:39 -0400
    Thank you Michael. This is really moving and important. I hope you will also share your story of how you have become a leader for justice and your plans for the future. I admire you and knowing this story, honor you even more for all you are doing in the world. Thank you for hosting a screening and for staying so many hours to share and help the students at ALC.