My name is Sandy Ink, I have a 13 year old daughter who is being bullied in school, she has just moved to the school this last Sept, So form the beginning of school year this same girl has been mentally abusing my daughter and just being a BULLY.  I have been to the school at least 5-7 times about this issue, I finallly had a sit down with the school about the issue, I thought that that would solve the problem.. Well they changed the students schedule and allowed my daughter to stay in class a few minutes late so she would have to be in the hallways with this child, BUT... and I am looking into this issue the school told the bully the reason that they changed her schedule was because of my DAUGHTER.. I know right.. WHY  TELL THE BULLY THE REASON HER LIFE IS BEING CHANGED IN SCHOOL IS BECAUSE OF THE KID SHE IS BULLYING ... MAKES NO SENSE. THIS IS JUST GOING TO MAKE HER RETALIATE EVEN MORE!!  The school says that is it protocol.  So I am trying to make this a positive thing for my daughter, I want her to be empowered.. I want her her to have the tools and educate herself on way to stand up and make a difference in her life and in the life of others.  Things need to change.. and I am determined to make that change. No one should feel scared to go to school.. My daughter has been suffering panic attacks because of this, it has made her self-esteem plumit, she has to take medication to get up enough courage to go to SCHOOL.. I feel so helpless. As a parent you are suppose to protect you child, how am I suppose to protect her?  I cant be with her 24 hours a day. School should be a SAFE place. With all of the school shootings that have happened all over the world, one can not feel safe knowing that it could happen right here, as much as it could and did happen there?  I love my daughter with all my heart. SHE IS MY WORLD!!   

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