Stood up for the bullied

In middle school I was made fun of for trying out for the cheerleading team... sounds silly but at the time I was truly excited to be doing this. As practices went on I decided that now I was doing it to prove those who bullied wrong; that I was good enough and just because I didnt have the "right last name" I WAS going to make it!! Thats exactly what I did :) I MADE the team! That same year I made a very dear friend, and I also lost a very close friend. The friend I lost was due to me again "not being good  enough" and she got made fun of for hanging out with me. The friend I gained was due to other people bullying her and I took a stand to change that. She got made fun of because she wasnt the best reader, and other reasons... but I saw past that; I saw a great person and wanted to get to know her better. So from then forward I made it a point to stand up for anyone who was afraid to do it themselves. I tried to "be-friend" the "popular" crowd, but all they would do was make fun of me, so instead of wasting time on that I took time with the bullied. Not too many people in my days of school would take up for others unless it had a benefit to them, so I am very thankful for this, because I can only imagine its gotten worse over the years.



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