I was always the girl on the outside. I was bullied throughout high school and intermediate. I got called every name under the sun. No one understood. I had a few friends in intermediate but they faded quickly. I always had trouble making friends. I met this one girl in intermediate  her name was Nikita, she became my best friend. We journeyed onto high school together.
I was a slow breeder. I took time to develop and people bullied me for that. Nikita felt helpless. I got nicknamed "flat chest" it was horrible. Everyone teased me. The teachers did nothing about it. I turned to no one because I felt like I had no one. Nikita then got a boyfriend who hung out with the people who hated me. She hung out with me sometimes but being the good friend I was I told her she could be with her boyfriend and I would hang out with my "other friends".
I hung out alone. I liked it sometimes. I would walk past people and they would throw stuff at me. Class was worse. People would tell me to shut up or just go kill myself.......I started cutting...I wanted to die.....everyday...I wrote so many suicide letters. I told no one.
I dropped out of school at 16. I had had enough!

Whilst being at home I wanted to take up modelling which my dad encouraged me to do. So I did and put it as a facebook status....bad idea... people from high school saw. They made a page saying "Chante just shouldn't model" got almost everyone in school to like it. So it went on social bullying. I reported the page and it was taken down. Thank God. That didn't stop them mailing me and still giving being so horrible.

I couldn't take it...

I put myself in hospital and my father and sister both just broke down.

I hated everything in life. 

I still have scars on my arm but they now remind me everyday that I am now stronger than that.

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