still my life

i know that it has been a while since i have written any thing, but i just wanted to share what has happend since last time..

i have just finished the first semester of grade 11 and i have failed all of my classes, i went to the the guidence officer at school, and i found out im dyslexic, the bullying is still bad its crazy how intense it still is, and they all have found out that im now dyslexic and things have gotten worse. on a monday i was walking to school and 3 girls were walking behind me yelling at me and calling me names and then they all ran infront of me and started to push me, as soon as i got to school i faked sick and went home, then i didnt go to school for two weeks and now its the holidays which is two weeks...

i also went to the doctor to tell him about everything that is going on and i got told that i have clinical depression and if it gets worse i have to be hospitalized for up to a month.. im on tablets but i still refuse to talk to people about my feelings, cause im scared that people would judge me, is that a normal thing to feel?

all of my friends have left me because of all the bullying and no one wants to be around me any more, and even if i try and talk to them they make up an excuse and walk away.. i just dont know what to do any more, im o over my life and im just tired of people treating me like this!

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