Still here..

I was in 8th grade, I was friends with this girl. We were best friends & stuff. Then all the sudden things changed... she hated me for no reason. Calling me names & talking about me non stop. Well I was hanging out with another friend of mine & I was on facebook on her phone. Well we couldn't figure out how to log me out so she had access to my facebook... Well a couple of weeks later I was in the shower one day & my ex best friends sister that was pregnant (she was 14 at the time) had message me, & my friend messaged her back saying she was a slut for being pregnant at 14.... That's when all hell broke loose.. My ex best friends sister already hated me.. so she was pissed at me, but my ex friend was also pissed at me even more than she was....

Well the next day at school we were walking back from lunch and my ex friend grabbed me by the back of the neck. told me if I called her fucking sister a fucking whore again, she was gonna beat my ass. She threw me across the hall... I only went back to that school once... I haven't been back since... I now live in a different state & I'm not friends with either of them & never will be again... I don't trust anybody anymore.. not even family... it sucks. but if you ever need anybody to talk to i'm here. I'll listen.

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