Stay Strong

My name is Nicole, I have witnessed bullying in my school, on the Internet, and over phones. Bullying is horrible... and I know this because I've been through it. After watching the movie "Bully" I have decided to not stand back anymore. I have decided that I will make a change and I will now not only start to stand up for myself. But I will also stand up for others. This film has inspired me to be a better person and to reach out and tell my story. 

This year I am in the 8th grade, which has been by far the hardest year of my life. From being pushed around by my "so called friends" to being beat up and hit by people I barely know. I have come home crying almost every day of school. This year i was diagnosed with depression and I now take pills every night for it. I have my good and bad days but no one could feel the hope I feel every day now. I hope for a better life for not just myself but for everyone else who has suffered because of bullying I have never reached out to anyone before and I have never told anyone my story or how I felt. My message is to stay strong and no matter what be yourself, even if some days you break down and cry, don't ever think you have done anything wrong. it's them, not you. 

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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.