Stand Up be A Friend

Jessica Jumper is 25 years old and lives in Texas. Here is her story:

  Hi, My name is Jessica Jumper.
  I have been bullied all the way through high school. I got teased and picked on. I even had a threat made at me. I have had many surgeries due to my special needs. In the 5th grade, I got into fight because no one took care of it [being bul...lying].
  I want to tell anybody that if you see someone being bullied, step up be a friend. It is not fun to be picked on. I have Chromosome 18 disorder. It means one of of the Chromosomes of my arm is missing from the 18th Chromosome. I do have special need and while I look different from everybody else, it doesn’t mean [that it's okay] to pick on people that look or talk funny.

  On what to do if you’re being bullied:

  [If you are being bullied by someone else], I would say find an adult a teacher, parent, or someone you can trust and someone you know will help you. If [you don't want to do that], try to talk to the person bullying you. Maybe that person could have been bullied too. I have done that before and it has sometimes helped.
  Just be strong and don’t bully anyone. People don’t realize that [the pain that comes with] name calling does last more then bones getting broke or physical pain.
  Glad to help someone.

  Jessica Jumper

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