Speak out against Bullying at the Mendocino, California K-8

Bullying at Mendocino K-8…Stand Up and Speak Out. 

I can't bear to hold this in any longer! The Mendocino K-8 school is not just heartless but also vindictive! My child was bullied so badly for 3 years (3rd through 5th grade) that we took her from the school and began homeschooling.  This, despite going through the school’s "zero tolerance for bulling" and getting zero results.  My daughter began therapy because the damage to her self esteem was so dangerously low.  

A year into homeschooling she built up enough courage to attend a school dance.  I contacted the principal at the time, Jason Morse, and he gave permission for my daughter to attend dances.  She went with her head held high. Her bravery brought me to tears. Fast forward 2 years and, having attended 8 dances, my daughter now has the desire to go back to a brick and mortar school - High School!

Let me just get to the point – At the April 26th, 2013 dance, my daughter was assaulted by another student due to my daughter’s religious views. I felt it necessary to make an incident report with the Mendocino K-8 Principal Kim Humrichouse.  I spoke with Kim on May 10th 2013.  Instead of responding with “Is she OK?”, “I’m sorry this happened…” To my surprise, Kim responded with "Your daughter can no longer come to school dances because she is home schooled.”  What?! I told her that this call was regarding an assault on my daughter.  Kim’s response was to ban my daughter from her 8th grade Graduation Dance - the last dance at Mendocino K-8.  

Hoping to have Kim’s decision reversed, we made phone calls to Jason Morse (now the Superintendent of the K-8 school) pleading for permission.  I was told by Mr Morse, he spoke with their “Legal Department” and their decision was that my daughter could not attend the Graduation Dance!!!  I'm not sure about you but my heart hurts!

I stand with my daughter in the fight against bullying. 

Lynette Short

Caspar, California



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