Second Generation of Being Bullied, Texas Style.

I have two sons both from two different relationships so my boys live not far apart in the states, Dean the oldest is 24 living in Austin, Texas and Victor "Chips" is 22 living in Denver, Colorado.

They grew up together whenever they see each other on holidays and vacations with both their moms so I rarely ever see them, I lived in Alaska, and so it is like a million miles away.

Dean was telling me his story about his dealings with the school bullies and believed it or not it was also the school teachers who bullied him too.

Yes, it was mind boggling thinking about what Dean finally admitted last year that he was being bullied by a number of his classmates for years in and years off and never complained to anyone including his mom.

More so, his school teachers giving him a hard time, like giving him a cold shoulders, ignoring him, unfair school grades and passing him over to someone else that he should have been deserved.

He is the top school students with a school of over 1000 students and never had any problem learning because his mom Helen is a high school math and music teacher in another school district not far where he is attending so he is always alone in that school. I never understood why he was not in the same school with his mom is beyond me. He studies with his mom at home after school so he is a wiz in math and music.

Dean is a bit stubborn about asking for any help from someone other than his grandpa George or his mom, he admit that he learned to deal with his own problem to himself so that explained a lot of personal pictures and school pictures shows he never smiles and always had that worried look in his face.

He never discussed or ever thought of asking for help with his problem with the bullies to anyone to this day, he said he wasn’t the only ones in school being bullied, there were many others.

Dean said he never got into a fight with anyone from his school but he wondered why his school teachers gave him a hard time, he said he never talked back, never said anything mean or offensive to anyone or any of his school teachers.

Dean having grown up into a Lutheran Christian family, he always displays his best behavior in public including the school bullies and the teachers. He spent a lot of his teen’s years being in the church bible study group and served as a summer bible camp counselor so he has a busy teen life.

Today, Dean is now 24 tells me that he is glad it was behind him, he says he still have no idea why this has ever happened but he ignored it and did the best he can on the day to day school activities.

 Dean is a junior artichet & inspection engineer who just graduated two years ago and working for his grandpa George construction business here in Austin and have his girlfriend Anna together for 5 plus years and looking forward to start a family of his own.

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