i'm apologizing for my bad grammar/spelling now :)

so i'm your average 17 year old girl. except I have a secret. for three years of my life, I was "Sasquatch". yes, sasquatch like bigfoot. I had just come out of elementary school being the big shot patrol but middle school kind of slapped me into reality. a little too far into reality. so the first day of 6th grade I went to school all excited, I was growing up! during orientation I heard a few guys from my elementary school laughing so I asked what was so funny. asking them was the worst decision of my life. all of sixth grade id go home crying. and I mean EVERY DAY. people would yell out the bus calling me a fat ass and of course the usual. my mom called the school, the boys' parents, and eventually tried switching schools. nothing worked so I was stuck where every day I was sasquatch. my friends left me, I only had a few left. I have always been overweight but no one had ever commented so much. so im going through middle school "ignoring it because all they want is a reaction". they would prank call my house and ask if there was a sasquatch running loose in the backyard. in one specific incident, we were on a field trip and everyone who was sitting around me was calling me a sasquatch. I was in the front by teachers and no one said a word. I decided to stand up for myself and called one of them an asshole (the first time I ever cursed) and I was reported... in 8th grade, my best friend from kindergarten told me we couldn't be friends anymore because she went to a different school. it broke my heart. summer going to freshman year, I was nervous about going to a new school. I met a boy who made me forget about all that happened in middle school. I was so happy. a couple months in, he asked me out! 5 days later we broke up because he only wanted me for sex. that's when I started cutting. in sophomore year I developed an eating disorder from the trauma. I am still struggling with self image. ive overcome most of my eating disorder but still have a hard time with cutting. im a month and a half clean right now though :) I just watched the movie and I got so upset watching it because adults are so oblivious. id like to start something up at my school because no one should feel the way I did. and no one should ever be alone.


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