Sad parent


My name is Samantha Rodriguez & I am a PROUD parent of 3 wonderful children!  Victoria is 11 years old & in the 6th grade at Alcalde Elementary School! Justin is 8 years old in 2nd grade & also attends Alcalde Elementary.  Then there is lil Mikey who is a year & a half!  My daughter is bright, smart, beautiful, trustworthy, honest....everything a mother can ask for!  One problem is that she is being bullied.  I have had to change her school once already at the middle of the school year because of bullying & her principal didn't do a damn thing to help us!  It was so bad that she was sick to her stomach when it was time to go to school!  Every Monday was hell for us...Got the run around & finally we got fed up & switched schools! Now at the new school with her old friends she is having the same problems!  The principal has been informed & now we sit & wait to hear back from the principal!  I am tired & frustrated & need some ideas of what else to do?!  My daughter's self esteem has literally been ripped from her & I need help!!  I have taken her to see a therapist because of these girls that have bullied her but it doesn't seem to have helped! 

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