Just started when i promoted to the high school, All because of some jealous people, We were in the same class and i was the best student. Already had problem cause little thing happened to me when we went to the trip after that my bad days started. Bad rumors which was making me feel upset, I knew that people around me talking about that, I was feeling that and i still, Couldn't find out the way to prove that nasty things like that doesn't really happened to me.

Whatever in our cultures really can't get against on that, It still hurting me as hell, I got some friends but don't really feel good with them neither cause they telling me that indirect with a lot of sarcasm.

How could tolerate all of these things, All rumors that people telling about him? Still living with that. Sometimes i feel that god really don't like me. Sometimes i don't really want to be in this world but...

I wish i could get out of my town and pass all my past and leave them and have new life but its hard.

My biggest wish from God is, If someday, Someone tell the others all those rumors about me is just lie and i be friend again with my old homies, How life could be awesome for me?


- Little man whos trying to keep his head up, Not Down.

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