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Bullying and Mobbing is assault and abuse.  If adults act that way, they are charged and face legal consequence.  When children do it, its considered a normal developmental function, however the result on the victim is the same.  I believe that easily accessed forms of legal protection/prosecution need to be as standard against bullys and their parents/and guardians as it is for adult victims of assault and sexual harassment.  I hope to help to be part of the solution to get funding into schools to add specialized staff devoted to intercept bullying before it starts and end the abuse of children already in the cycle of bullying/mobbing.  If we can protect adults, and children being abused in the home, then we can certainly end it in institutions and environments where children are victimized.  The "kids will be kids" attitude needs to stop.  The attitude by adults charged with dealing with Bullying need to understand while it is complex to is not impossible.  There was a time not so long ago where it was legal to beat your wife; if we can end that as a society then certainly we can end bullying, and or cause bullys and their families to face similar legal consequences.  

  • The boy who bullys said had said had sex with a cat.

    I am now 39.  I am educated and have a professional life and live my life with honor and meaning.  I am still healing and only now understanding how severe the impact of bullying was on my life from the ages of 10-14.  In addition my father was a very respected and soft spoken wealthy business man in Central Vermont, but behind closed doors he was a bully.  A dirty little secret only my mother and I knew about.  I was severely physically and emotionally abused at Barre Town, Vermont Elementary school in the mid to late 1980s, and nothing was done about it.   My story would have made a center piece in "Bully",  it is one of the most severe bully stories I have heard.  Yet trauma is measured by the individual and not by the event, trauma is trauma...IE bullying creates complex post traumatic stress disorder no matter the story!!  I will post my entire story soon when I have time.  Meanwhile I thank the film makers and brave brave children who let us see their story.  And the adults (heros) who have stood up to protect children from what I believe is on par with  child sex abuse, and physical child abuse.  Because the results are the same on a person as they try to live normal lives after being abused!  I made a small donation today to this project.  If you can, please do!




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I was severely bullied as a child and it has greatly affected my life as an adult
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