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When my daughter came home in shock from being bullied she said, "nothing seems real!" By the grace of God, I spoke, "it's right here, this is what's real", & even though I didn't know what to do as a parent, let alone a person, those words came out of my mouth & I don't know where they came from. My daughter is still being bullied & I've tried taking the measures to get help, my daughter is able to cope better & defend Herself. Words & actions can hurt! Sometimes the bully needs support too. Take politic funding out of mental healthcare so we can treat or kids from the mess ups we put forth.politicians are bullying & these kids are seeing it. A better world would be if we could get along & give our kids morals.


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  • Marianne Manilov
    commented 2013-03-26 13:20:10 -0400
    Thank you Karen for your story. I think you found your words through love and I am thankful for your strength as a parent. I’m wondering if you have reached out to your school to see if they would undertake showing the film or having a discussion? Let us know if we can be of support. We can also help contact the school. —Marianne for the Bully Project