Raising Awareness

The anti-bullying project story

By Madison D Small (Student)

October is bullying awareness month. 
Romulus High School has made a choice to take a stand against bullying.

Tuesday, October 22, classes united to use yellow flags & signs to give a visual to the school & community.  There is a growing epidemic in schools nationwide.  Students are bullied every day because of the color of their skin, religion, sexual-orientation or just being who they are on the inside. Each day 160,000 students skip school because they do not feel safe.

Here are some of tips to put an end to bullying:

Step 1: Be confident. Tell the bully to stop!

Step 2: Brush your shoulders off and try to ignore the situation.

Step 3: Walk away.  As hard as it is to not use your fist take a deep breath and keep walking.

Step 4:  Tell someone, the teacher, your parents or someone you trust.

Bullies can be mean, infamous, and cruel but most of the time the bully is insecure about him or herself. 

We are all different and we all the same.
We are all human beings.

With student and adult help we can change the problem of bullying and turn our school into an anti-bullying place for you & me.  Those of you who are bullying you can stop.  Apologize to those you have hurt and start the change.   If you have been bullied my advice is forgive and forget.  People care about you and want to help!


Sign the Triple S Petition:

By signing this pledge you agree to:

  1. STOP being a part of the problem.
  2. STAND up to people that are making others feel uncomfortable.
  3. SUPPORT people that may be a victim of bullying.

-         Jawann Gaskin (Student)




By the time you read this another student will be BULLIED

Maybe you have seen this display outside RHS, if you haven’t I encourage you to drive by.  The visual is made up of signs with facts provided by the National Bullying Prevention Center.  Inside the rectangle are numerous yellow flags.  As students placed the flags in the ground on Tuesday, October 22, they took time to reflect on the idea that one flag represent 3,000 students who are bullied in school each year. 

October is bullying awareness month and the amount of students bullied in schools continue to increase.  This display put up by RHS students is to help raise awareness and begin conversations among students, staff, parents and the community.  Please join in our efforts to put an end to bullying so that every child feels safe, respected and wanted.

- Mrs. Kuhatschek (Teacher at Romulus High School)

By writing some words below, you are showing your support and letting everyone know they're not alone.

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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.