Pulling Through

I have been bullied since elementary school. Kids would call me four  eyes because I had glasses and call me other names because I had braces. When I first started middle school I was made fun of from one girl because I had not started shaving my legs yet. One day during P.E. she handed me a razor. I was picked on more so during PE and teased because I was athletic, so I guess my other classmates didn't like that very much. A girl had also threatened that she would break my jaw on a curb. When I got to high school things got worse. I was made fun of about my weight, how much make up I wore, how I dressed. People were talking about me, spreading rumors about me, and laughing at me when I had never spoken to them before. Senior year one of my classmates tried to hit me and kept shoving me for no apparent reason. Since I didn't fight back, everyone was calling me a panzy, among other things. Someone had keyed my car and left a voicemail on my cell phone telling me they were going to put me in a body bag. 

I started cutting, began isolating myself, and even bashed my head with one of my soccer trophies. There had been some kids that would make fun of me when I was at work. My manager had to get involved.

I finally spoke out to one of my teachers that I was cutting and had some thoughts of suicide. She had immediately called for the guidance counselor. After I spoke up I got the help I needed, and have been able to pull through. Even though I still have some emotional, and some physical scarring, I know that because I had spoken up I am here today and know that things will get better. 

Speak up, Speak out, Stop Bullying!!

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  • Rosemary Pritzker
    commented 2013-04-08 15:31:31 -0400
    Dani thank you so much for reaching out! It sounds like you’re doing way better, which is awesome! I myself was bullied really badly as a kid, and it still affects me today. It can be hard to overcome, but it does get way better! Have you thought about taking action to make sure no other kid at that school feels the way you did? Here are some ways you can take action:

    1.) Check out our tools and resources here: http://www.thebullyproject.com/tools_and_resources to find ways of taking action
    2.) host a screening of BULLY in your home and invite people you feel safe with, then have a meaningful discussion afterward, using the tools and resources for fuel. Do this here: http://www.thebullyproject.com/calendar
    3.) see if the school would be interested in using our Educators DVD and Toolkit to transform your school’s culture from one of hurt and exclusion to one of empathy and action. you can find one sympathetic teacher to ask about this, or bring it to the principal. they can order the kit for $29.99 here: http://www.thebullyproject.com/preorder
    4.) Join our Facebook page to find inspiration and community.

    Above all, be sure you’re regularly reaching out to others who can support you and remind you of how strong and awesome you are! Thanks for becoming a part of this movement by sharing your story.

    The BULLY Project
  • houston King
    commented 2013-04-08 14:23:40 -0400
    Stay strong Dani! Proud of ya here at The Bully Project!