Public school or private always the same

I am been bullied since I was in kindergarten, but it never got that bad until middle school from 6-8th grade, i was bullied real badly by the same group of kids, I tried to take my life about six times, and when my parents confronted the school about the bullying they said that there was nothing that could be done. So my parents and doctors got sick of trying and I was moved to a Catholic High School where such acts were said to have been "frowned upon". The story stayed the same there, as nothing was done to make me feel safe. I still tried to kill myself a couple times in highschool because the principals did not take a good approach to the whole situation as well as they should have.

Change needs to occur in schools where I grew up by and across America. It sickens me to see other people going through the same things I went through and that the town doesn't notice until someone takes their life and then the town tries to prevent it. Why couldn't they do more to prevent something like that.

I pledge to stand beside the victims of bullying but also to fight down the school districts to provide them with the tools to stop this from getting any worse. This has been a problem for decades and we deserve peace in this country and along with peace, we, as the victims, need to be treated equally by the people that think it is okay to bully others.

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