I was a chubby kid, and I was made fun of from my very first day of
kindergarten.  No one knew that a big part of my food addiction was
because I was trying to shield myself from sexual abuse.  I never told
my parents about being bullied, nor did I tell them about the sexual
abuse.  I endured years of bullying in school until junior high when I
became thin and decided to get angry.  Then I was labeled aggressive and
anti-authority.  Not very pretty things to be when you are a girl
especially.  I have carried that chip on my shoulder my entire life
because it was the only way I knew how to cope and protect myself from
being a victim again.   Life is hard when you learn at a very early age
to never trust anyone.  Life becomes a very lonely road.  I am 50 now,
and I am a teacher.  I decided to become a teacher when I was very
young, I believe, because I was bullied.  I wanted to protect those who
couldn't protect themselves.  So, being bullied has shaped my entire
life including the career I chose.   I don't regret who I have become as
an adult, and I would not do anything else for a living because I so
love being a teacher, but sometimes I wonder who I would have been had I
not been bullied and abused as a child.  Until this day, I am puzzled
as to why my teachers who I know saw me being bullied, never protected
me.  We have to protect our children, even when they are not our own
flesh and blood.  That should be everyone's priority.  

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