Problem Child

My parents divorced when I was young. My mom and dad eventually remarried, but my mom's new marriage didn't last and she was then divorced from my sister's dad. So when I was younger I went through two divorces. Most children are only made to go through one, but I wasn't one of those kids. When I got to the 5th grade people started talking about my mom and her situation (being a single mother and divorced three times, she was married once before, but did not have any children with him.) There was this one boy who used to tell me that I was a problem child and that the reason my mom couldn't stay married was because of me, because I was making my mom's life miserable. He would call me mean names, throw stuff at me and try to mess with me on the play ground. Finally I got sick of it and told me teacher and he was sent to the principal's office and was moved to a different desk and told that if he was ever mean to me again his parents would be called and told about the incident. Later that same year he apologized and told me that he wouldn't have liked it if his parents were getting a divorce and I made him feel like it was his fault. From that day on in school we were always sticking up for each other.


Then when I was in middle school there was a girl who straight up didn't like me. I don't know why she just didn't. We were always hanging out with the same people, but she still really didn't like me. She would always tell me that no one wanted me in that group and that I was just there because they wanted someone to make fun of behind their back. She told me that I didn't belong and that I would never have any friends. I never did anything about what she had said except for talk to one of the girls in the group who I was closest to and she told me that was not the case and that there was never any reason that I should think that. She said if anything that girl was the one being made fun of behind her back for being so snotty, self centered, and stuck up. I never saw any of my friends in that group treating me differently than anyone else.


In high school there was this girl and yes she was a little different, but I was taught to love everyone and with my experiences with being bullied I didn't want her to go through that. I was somewhat popular in high school because I had become a cheerleader and was dating the star basketball player. This new girl was not by many people's standards popular. She was different and kind of peculiar. She didn't really know how to fit in. I felt bad for her because I have been their and I decided that I could help her by using my popularity to protect her. Unfortunately when I wasn't around the bullying was going on. I finally caught a group of boys ganging up on her and I jumped in the middle of them and told them to stop. These boys had been bullying her all year and finally I caught them and lashed out at them. I even told my mom and she threatened to have the cops called to the school and she wanted to scare them with aggravated assault charges on this girl. The girl did not have to worry about them anymore.

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