Passive Aggressive Bully

I want to tell a story we all know but some how don't talk about! It is the worst kind of bullying because the one's perpetrating are the so called popular, beautiful & the athletic kids. Their tactic is exclusion and it includes making fun of others of difference. This is usually perpetrated on the kids that are viewed as ugly, overweight and the economically disadvantaged.

It is surprising to me that this fact is not identified with a 'bully' movement, or am I wrong?

I personally witness on a recent school trip to DC & NYC and these so called popular people are most often the one's doing the bullying. No, they are not physically bullying my grandson but they were definitely all making fun of him, laughing at him and all the while during this 6 day adventure indifference was prevalent, including the adults!

The hardest thing about this is the fact that my grandson is still in the innocent age, he was not aware of the obvious attacks on him. This didn't stop at the fellow kids from school on this trip, it was also demonstrated by the parents. I also witnessed other chaperon adults on this trip mock the Catholic Church while in NYC at the Cathedral with his school group , nice lesson for the kids Mr. Fireman...

Your attempts are noble but I feel you are missing the mark!

If you don't get through to the parents then you have no chance with the kids. Parents indifference is passed on to the kids, kids perpetrate these hates and the parents pat them on the head when they come home.

Your campaign needs to target a number of adult parents of school age children you reach.

Teenage, it's a time when your looking for acceptance and to fit in. School is where we learn that indifference is not exclusive to other kids, it's the adults... This lesson is also supported in the real world and at the workplace.

To be honest I have been on both sides of the bullying as a child. Most often in school I was the one defending the bullied, all my fist fights in Jr & High School were all defending someone else being picked on.

I grew up in the age of 'sticks n stones' and 'names can't hurt me' but I also know personally the hurt, fear and isolation that accompanies bullying.

Please address the fact that it is not just kids of gay parents getting bullied.

Please address the fact that this is a learned trait, passed on by the family.

Please address the fact of economic bullying.

Please address the fact of bullying of overweight people.

Please put a face to the bully, let it be known that we know who you are.



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