Overcoming Bullying

All throughout elementary school and most of middle school, I was bullied. Everyday, I heard whispers, I heard the laughing, I saw them pointing. Things were thrown at me, I was pushed against walls, I felt like nothing. I remember, this certain group of people would always walk up to me and tell me that no one would ever want to be my friend, or that I was a loser, or that I should do everyone a favor and jump off a cliff. Well, they didn't know how close I was to doing just that. The bullies that I faced were terrible, and made me feel like a big pile of worthlessness. Those bullies made me feel ugly, and fat, and dumb, and made me feel like I never belonged. They made me think that I would never fit in anywhere, ever. And soon, I just began to believe what they said. After all, I had heard it so much, how could it not be true?

Around my 8th grade year, things started to get better. I got some close friends, and the bullying stopped, for the most part. My friends lifted my spirits, and always made me feel happy, I don't know what I would have done without them. The bullying, however, didn't stop. It just became more cyberbullying that actual bullying. It still hurt, but my friends go me through it. 

Since then, I've spoken up about bullying, and the effects of it. I go out of my way to defend people who are being bullied because I don't ever want anyone to feel the loneliness and the pain that I felt all my years of elementary and middle school. Also, the bullying has stopped completely for me because I learned how to stand up for myself, and speak up and tell those bullies that they can't control me. Since I started standing up for myself, it is one of my missions in life to make sure other students also have the power to stand up for themselves, and if they can't, I'll be there until they can. 

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