As a person who did not speak fluent English, making friends was very hard. 

But, of course there was always a way where someone can be friends with at least one person.

There was a girl who was new to my junior high. She was tall, I think pretty, and she was active.

I liked her personality and everything but, i felt that nobody really liked her.

I had a best friend, my first friend in Arizona, who did not like the new girl at all!

But... i wanted to be friends with both of them, and they didn't want me to be friends with one another.

So, my solution was to only hang out with one of them at a time.

My best friend was out-going, pretty, nice, popular and everything, so I knew she didn't really need me.

But I knew the new girl needed me, because I was her only friend.

I saw some things where the kids were talking mean to her, and trying to fight her,

But I wanted to stop the fight and protect her. 

There was nothing wrong with her appearance, she was just a normal kid.

Even normal kids get bullied by others, but how bad would someone's life be if they had a handicap.

I really wish this bully project will go world wide up to where the bullying will be not found anywhere!


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