Out in the flied..

I have been bullied for 5 years.. I am still being bullied.

Last year I started 6th grade. All my friends had boyfriends. Its seemed like everyone did, so I decided to get one. We dated through December through April. One day we decided to go for a walk. That's when everything in my life had changed.

We had been in a flied laying down next to each other talking. At first we were holding hands, then the next thing I knew one hand was up my shirt and the other down my pants! I didn't know what was going on so I just let it happen. 

About 2 weeks later I told a teacher what had happened. She told the principle what I told her. Everything got out of control right there. The cops came in and asked me and him questions. After the cops left he told everyone that I raped him.

After that everyone thinks I'm a rapist.

Its been about a year and people still say stuff. They say I hide little kids in my closet and I rape them when ever or boys in the hallways will push me in lockers and hand me money asking " Is this how much they pay these days?"

I don't know why they do this! I never did anything to them! I still am scared to got to school with him!! I'm afraid of what will happen.. But I fight trough it everyday trying to get over it.

If this has happened to you don't keep it in. Tell someone who will do something about it. This is a very serious thing!

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