Our Son was 14 years of age

Hello I want to start by saying this Thank you for this site I wish I knew about it before. Just two weeks ago on March 15, 2013 our son just 14 years of age took his life. He never would talk to anyone about what was going on. Last year during the school year I saw some changes, so by doing some digging I found out he was being bullied. I went to the school principal, teachers and my pastor for help to try to figure out as a Mom what can I do. Because our son would not talk to anyone, he would not talk to me or his dad or older sister or older brothers. But I had teacher friends that watched out for him and let me know. This year 9th grade and I know that sometimes teens goes through some changes. Nothing was said again but I found some of my son's journals. By reading them I see he was bullied. Our son was different he did not hang out with teens of his age. He spent with older teens, he had a different out look on life. He never did any drugs. He was a good kid and very wise for 14. He loved the outdoors and the rain, sometimes he was made fun of that. But nobody knew him the true him. It's my goal, my campaign as a Mom, as a teacher aide and as someone with mind to stop the bullying. We do not want any more parents to feel this nothingness. If I can be our son's voice then I will be his voice that will speak loud. In hopes as my son put it in his journal "Change your mind change people then you change the world.""Love each other"

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  • Lee Hirsch
    commented 2013-04-01 02:40:56 -0400
    Hi Regina,

    I am the director of Bully. I am so sorry for your loss, we have many families that have tragically lost children who where bullied- Welcome to the Bully Project. Please know we stand with you to ensure that the day will come when such loss is no more. When kids feel safe to go to school and are free to be different. As a small note, our Facebook page is a more active space for support and I hope you will share your story there as well.