Our issue's with bullying;

My older daughter, now 10, has been bullied continually for the past 3 years from the same group of girls, which this group is growing as they are getting older now.  I've gone to the vice principal, principal (two different one's now and the previous whom was a female said to me very arrogantly in her office one time that "your daughter needs to learn to get along with others, even with those whom do not like her".  I've gone to the Catholic school board and even reported that old principal (this was three year back pre this school year).  And guess what, they keep putting my daughter in the same class as these girls ........I've even this year asked the principal and vice principal why this is happening and all they tell me is they do not know how it happens (but no changes).  I've reminded them that these girls older sisters locked my daughter in the bathroom last year and my daughter was freaking out crying and screaming until a teacher came along.  When these older girls were called in (after I talked to the principal about it the next day), all they received was just a warning.  Total B.S. 

These same girls just do not leave her alone;  it just goes on and on.  Most recently kicking her in line while going into class and one girl slapping my daughter in the back with both hands.  I was so upset I spoke in office to both vice and principal.....guess what, my daughter told me next day that the vice principal only talked to the other slapper and my daughter about the two of them compteting for a song they were both singing......nothing on the other girl getting aggressive and hitting my daughter.  My daughter was questioned on why she started copying the other girls song.

And get this,  the frustrating thing about this bullying issue's:  my daughter is only in grade 5.  So, this group of girls against her has stuck together since grade 2 and 3 thus, it can only seem to get worse.

I could go on and on but, I think you get the message.  Thank you for listening though.



from Brampton, Ontario, Canada

daughters school being St. Aidan Catholic elementary school.

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