I was a child who lost both of her parents to cancer. My old school supported my family and understood what my brothers and I were going through. Both of my brothers were in their early twenties; a huge age gap between me and them. In the third grade, we moved into a three-bedroom house since my older brother got married. They became my guardians. I started a new school and tried to fit in. Close to the end of the school year, a boy started teasing me about not having parents. They began to call "orphan". HA HA Orphan who no one to love you! My sister in law was angry and set up an appointment with administration and the guidance counselor.  During the meeting the guidance counselor said "Well sweetie you are a orphan...an orphan means the lack of parents or family" The room got real quiet. My sister turned to the counselor in a real calm manner asked her to explain. The counselor said she was divorced so she was a divorcee but she doesn't cry about it. My sister withdrew me from that school so fast the administration was worried that she would take it to the region. 

I went to a new private school that just opened. Everyone was new and no one knew my past. My sister said you don't have to tell anyone about my parents if I didn't want to. My brother and sister became mom and dad. I'm 18 and have a 6 year old niece. She says I'm her sister..her estey. The students that made fun of me apologized and cried because they knew they hurt me.

I am a stronger person but it took time to get over what the counselor said to me. An adult who is there to guide me and help me betrayed me and broke some of my trust.

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