Only takes one.

Growing up, It wasn't easy for the longest time from elementary to towards the end I was bullied. 

In elementary I had no friends, people knew me but they never talked to me or even noticed me I was the loner someone for people to pick on call names and push me around. I was always alone at recess while everyone else was either swinging or playing basketball

everyday was different but not any better it went from some people calling me names to physically pushing me around. 

I never really trusted any of the teachers or staff, They didn't even pay attention to me in less i got blamed for something, then they would be quick to act and give me grief about it.

Through more years of elementary i was still bullied but i did make a friend to this day she still has my back, pretty much my sister her name is alicia. she always talked to me and made me feel like i was someone and not just some loner.

On to middle school thinking that everything would of changed, i was sadly wrong. 7th grade within a few weeks i was already the target of another bully. Pushed me into walls always knocked my books out of my hands sent me into a deep depression.. Which then i started cutting. and thinking about suicide, Then after awhile i got the courage to go to the principle and she said their was a cease and desist order from the school stating he cant talk or touch me. 

But just my luck he stopped but then he got his friends to do it for him


So i went to the principle again. All she said is theirs is no proof of what his friends are doing (we didn't have cameras in the school till 8th grade)

So the torment continued but i did still had Alicia  go to when i needed someone 

Finally 8th grade. the bully was gone and everything seemed better. I got through 8th grade with out anything happening in previous years, people still said stuff about me and behind my back but Ignored it as i best i could i stopped cutting with the help of Alicia

I still dealt with sorts of bullying for how i look and how i dress, and the music i listen to but, I tried putting behind me the best I could and get through school.

To this day if Alicia wasn't their for me to talk to her during all of this i might of not be here right now.

It only takes one person to help.








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