One worse than the other.

I have never been bullied, but I can still rememberer how much it hurt when my class was talking about how small and tiny I was. They talked about it like it was a crime. I got very insecure about myself, but as I got older I learned to stand up for my self. Then I had this other girl in my class. The boys in my class were so mean to her. They told her that hey could be friends if she borrowed them money, of course she gave them money, and the boys never gave her any back. They called her mean names, kicked her and stuff like that. Since I had experienced being teased I stood up for her. I told the boys to go away and really tried to help her. She talked to me about suicidal thoughts, I talked her away from it. It was hard for a 13 years old girl to hear about. We were never best friends or anything, but I hated seeing her getting hurt like that.

My third experience with bullying is 
with my own little brother. He has an syndrome called Klinefelter syndrome.
It all started when he was 6 and I 12, we just started at the same school. I did not know at that time that he had an syndrome, almost no one knew, only my parents, doctors and teachers. I noticed that he was a bit different from the other kids in his class. He was bigger, did weird stuff and so on. Kids at my school laughed at him. I always stood up for him, since I wanted to be a good sister, but at the same time I was embarrassed. Everyone knew he was my little brother. We were at the same school only for one year, but that was all it took for me to understand that he was different. 1-2 years later my parents told me and my older sister about his syndrome. They told us because I began to freak out because of him and asking questions about why he was so weird. After telling us, my parents asked us if it was a shock for us, if we had any idea before, my sister said no, I said yes.

Because of this syndrome by brother gets bullied almost every day. I have seen him cry, get angry and frustrated because of this. He has told me hundred times about his suicidal thoughts. It hurts a lot to hear my baby brother talk about that. He is now 13, I am 19. He still gets bullied, but not as much, since he is the tallest and biggest boy in his class. I have had days where I have cried because of how hard it is to have a brother who gets bullied. I had to go to a psychologist to get it all out. Not only does classmates bully him, but people at my age talks about him to me, telling me how strange he is, how "nasty" he is and stuff likes that. It always hurts. I still cry sometimes. I love him.

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