One Thing Or Two I Have Learnt

You should never hide yourself form the enemy, thats just what they want... never show the weak side and be tiny or bottled up in your own shell... go out and ignore all the hatred and be with the people who are looking forward to spend time with you, and I'm pretty sure there is at least one person out there. you don't need thousand to show case your life is mattered and loved, one is more than enough...
most of all you shine bright! never give in to anyone or anything, show that your happy and your doing well. yes, at times we feel like running away but thats not the best way to solve any issue. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

I use to be that someone who would run or hide from the people, who would shut me up or say mean things, but then my best friends told me that this is not the right way to live, and that not only they are hurting you, but I AM HURTING MYSELF.... so I kept thinking and it hit me, yes thats true! so now I'm not that kinda old fashioned kidding away kid anymore.

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