One Poem I Want To Share With You All Who Have Been Bullied

This Poem...I wrote...This poem I wrote because of my bully experience. My name is Sarah and I'm 14....but tomorrow I will be the change...The change in the world. Stand up for kids being bullied. Be the Voice that people have been looking for, and be the support every kids needs. Here is my poem...


Words Cut Deeper Than Action


It starts with one word,one word you blurt, snotty, annoying,ugly,worthless. These are the words she hears. did you know, your their biggest fear?
The girl that everyone knew.... The tears that ran down her face -

There's more to her then they know. she just doesn't let it show. she hides the things inside. But she wishes she could speak her mind.
She wishes they knew the real her. Then they could leave her be. She is just so scared of rejection, that she can't even stand her own reflection.

This girl was only 7 , adopted... She grew up everyday and was taught to respect others. BUT! How could she respect others when she never got respect back!?

People just don't understand, She wants to show who she really is. There are so many things she needs to say. but even if she could they won't give her the time of day.

This girl is now 14....

This girl is Me!


Thank you guys for reading and I will have more information about my bully experience soon. For now PLEASE........... STAY STRONG, AND BE THE CHANGE, DON'T WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN BECAUSE IT WON'T UNLESS YOU TAKE YOUR STAND! <3




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