One Decision Can Ruin a Life

Last year I was a freshman in high school. One day I was walking to the auditorium when a girl who was previously my best friend threw three snowballs at the back of my head. She found it funny and started laughing at me along with some other girls. During the assembly I was standing next to her. She was still laughing about the incident with the snowballs. I was ignoring her and trying to pay attention so she stomped on my foot. Her decision to stomp on my foot ruined my life. I had injured a toe on that foot months before, but it was healed. When she stomped on it she broke a piece of bone off of my toe. My doctor told me months later when I was still in bad pain that I would need surgery to remove the chipped piece of bone. When I finally had surgery nine months later I received more bad news. When the doctor opened my toe up my knuckle was shattered, but held together by the skin causing it to not show up on x-rays and a MRI. Due to the severity of the injury I developed a nerve condition that still is not better 5 months later. I now have to go to a hospital for a month for rigorous impatient therapy in hopes of relief. Because of this injury I have been unable to attend school. I went from being a straight A student to receiving Cs and I may not even be able to finish the tenth grade. On top of all the physical pain I was caused because of this girl's actions I also lost all of my friends. When she hurt me my mother brought it up to the school administration. Because I told on her the bully spread rumors around my class. She also hid my back pack and text books in a hope to make me late for class. She also made mean comments to me for months to follow and she still picks on my on the off chance that I see her.  

Because of this girl my life was turned upside down in a matter of a couple of months. Bullying is a terrible thing no matter how severe. This whole experience has affected not only me, but everyone in my life. The only positive thing that has come out of this is I have learned who my true friends are. Also I have been able to see how I have hurt others in the past and I have been able to make amends with those people. 

If you know anyone who has been bullied encourage them to go to an adult because you don't want to let it get bad like it did in my case.  Thank you for reading my story. 

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