On both sides

I have been bullied. Never physical, just verbal teasing like 'teacher's pet' and 'know it all'. It made me mad, upset and it was tiring week after week, school after school.  I have been verbally sexually harassed once in my senior year by a freshman guy. During Latin class the freshman kept suggesting that a dude I helped with classwork in class and I were going to go to the bathroom and so one. Then I saw him at a favorite fast food joint and while nothing happened, I really did not want to go there anymore. The end result was my mom called the school, I talked to the assistant principal and a cop who said I was not the first incident with this student and to be more direct, and the freshman dude never talked to me again. I also was okay going to the favorite fast food joint again. 

I have acted as like a bully, although I did not recognize I was a bully and no one called me one. My friends were my friends but they were intimated by me on occasions-I cannot recall specific incidents.

Knowing both sides, I want to as a teacher to end bullying and have my class be safe for everyone. 

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