Not Able To Stand Up

Every since I could remember I never liked when others bullied someone. Me, personally from 1st-6th grade never took a stand for those who were getting bullied, even though I never liked it I didn't speak up for those being bullied around. One day in the 7th grade was when I stood up, seeing special need students getting picked on and not being able to stand up for them selves really hurt me, I was tired of being a by stander, seeing poor innocent kids being pushed and picked on wasn't right! So from that day on I stood up for kids being bullied, I started talking and hanging out with bullied kids at school. And to be honest just cause they don't talk, act, dressed or look like these so called popular kids doesn't make them different. These kids are the most kind, generous, loving, understanding friends you could ever meet. They are nothing less than me, you or anybody else in this world. And what made me stand up even more to put a stop to bullies, was meeting and knowing I have a cousin that was Autistic. Knowing that he was getting bullied in school really hurt my feelings, because if you know him, he is the sweetest person you could meet. He is just generous inside and out! Knowing he was being bullied was such a shock to me because he is such a kind helping hand to who ever he sees needs help. I just couldn't take in how cruel others could be. I really thought people were so much better than bulling those who can't stand up for them selves. To me being a bully isn't the coolest thing, bullying others is the lowest you could go and bullying those with special needs is beyond the lowest!! I am here today to Speak Up For Those Who Can't Stand Up For Them Selves, and I would be more than honored to do what I can to put a stop to those who are being bullied!


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