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I was born in Germany. My family and I moved to Canada 10 years ago (Im 18 now) I started Grade 2 in a little town called Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada. That where the bullying somewhat started. People with pick on me and just laugh at me for not understanding a word or a phrase (remember I just moved from Germany so my english wasn't so good yet). That elementary school went up to Grade 5 then you would go up to the Middle school which goes from Grade 6 to 8. Thats when the bullying realy started. This one kid especially had it in for me. No reason though just decided that I was gonna get bullied. He would always call me fat and the worst thing he called me was a "Nazi". After he called me that I went to my teacher. I went to her believing that she would do something, she did talk to him but it didnt stop. It continued into Grade 7 where it got alittle bit worse. I would always go to the principal or a teacher but they never did anything so I got to the point where I would talk back to this kid and one point I snapped and just kicked him square in the leg I knew it hurt him but he is a bully so he acted like it didnt. Then Grade 8 started and this is where it really hit hard. Every single day this kid (and his friends) would call me names. I just had enough with all of it. The worst part was in Grade 8 the teachers start to go against me to call my mother stupid . I got fed up with it so I just rebelled against the teachers and the students I didnt care if I got in trouble. After Grade 8 my mom decide to move away from the town to another town it still wasnt easy there were still people that were against me for no reason then half way through grade 9 I decided to move to in with my dad in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I finished off my grade 9 which was just as bad as grade 8 people picked on me pushed me even. But I didnt move away I told myself I would never move back and go to that hell of a school. So I stayed. Then I started Grade 10 in a BRAND new school. Nobody that attened that school knew me all were unfamiliar wit hthe school so it was a fresh new start for me. Which helped me a lot. It wasnt easy in grade 10 but I had support and Grade 11 went even better. Because of this school I got to finally put my trust in people it wasnt easy but it helped a lot. Now I trust my teachers and I have a great group of friends.

Im glad that I got the opportunity to go to Lillian Osborne High School. And im glad to call myelf a Legend!

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