No one cared.

I started getting bullied when I was in 2nd grade. I have always been a tall girl and kinda chubby. Everyone else was skinny and short which meant I caught a lot of unwanted attention. The kids started calling me names such as "fat", "ugly", "unwanted", "useless." I would just laugh and then go cry my eyes out in the restroom. The bullying got a million times worse when I was in 4th and 5th grade because my family problems got worse. My sister is 4 years older than I am. So she was being a rebel and running away and more. My parents always had to be looking for her and taking care of her. People started gossiping and found out about my situation and used it against me. The kids would tell me just how my parents didn't care about and so much more. My bullying wasn't just verbal but physical too. I would be covered in bruises made by the bullies pushing me and hitting me. After my best friend moved in 5th grade, I had no one.No one wanted be my friend. I didn't want to tell my parents about the bullies because I felt like they had enough to handle. I started hating myself.

In middle school, the same thing happened. I got more "friends" here. I still got bullied, and the teachers saw and didn't do anything. In 7th grade, I lost a great amount of weight in a short period of time. This made the bullying stop for a while. In 8th grade, those people I called friends were now the bullies, and the cause of my bruises again. Besides having to deal with the bullies, a lot of things were happening in my life. I started being suicidal. I have/had depression and anxiety. 

Now? I'm in high school. I'm a 9th grader. My story hasn't ended because it hasn't found it's happy ending. I don't get bullied anymore. But I was so mentally and physically abused and hurt by those bullies, my family problems, and my personal issues, that I started hurting myself. I started  self harm. I currently go to therapy for this, my depression and social anxiety.


To those who are bullied: Stay strong. You're amazing. If I learned something about being bullied is, tell someone. Tell a teacher, a parent. Anyone who can help. Don't believe what they say because they probably aren't right. Be yourself, because that's the best person you can ever be. 

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