No Moobs and A True Monologue

Please show your support in this journey to get my masectomy (chest removal)! When I was in school I was bullied. Kids would spit on me, kick me, put my backpack inside out and push me down the stairs. When I told an administrator they told me, “A lady boy half-person like you should expect to be treated that way." Students and teachers called me an "it" and a "tranny". So, I withdrew out of high school my first week of junior year and got my GED.
I'm going to the Community College of Rhode Island and majoring in art and taking theatre. I want to be a comedian and an artist. I am currently in the Junior Providence Singers. I have anxiety, ADHD and depression. I also have dysphoria. Dysphoria is the feeling I get when people use the wrong pronouns/name, looking at myself in the mirror, people calling me names, or looking at me the wrong way for being transgender.
I have been on Testosterone since January 2013. I also got my name changed this year. However, the one thing that I still desperately need is top-surgery (masectomy) (so I won't get Cancer and deal with dysphoria). It is all very expensive. $8,305 dollars. I need help to raise this money. I identify as gay. Some people ask me why did I “become” a boy, to like boys. My sexuality has nothing to do with my gender. I always knew I was a boy I just never told anyone. In elementary school I would stand up when they asked the boys to stand. I wanted to play sports and play videogames but I was ostracized.
I can’t even go on the city bus without cringing at the things people call me and I can’t live without my chest binder. My father is homeless, some my family disowned me and my mother is disabled. It seems wherever I look I can’t pass as myself. I don’t want to prove my happiness, my gender, my pronouns or my name. I want to help all the transgender kids, even by showing them that it is possible, to dream of a day without dysphoria. Nobody should have to go through what I've been through.
I didn't choice to be this way. Life is too short to be sad. I really don't want anymore trans people to die from ignorance or suicide. I tried to commit suicide four times. I had my surgery consultation on September 19th 2013 with Dr. Paul Costas in Concord Massachusetts. Insurance won't pay for it, please help me get one step closer. Donate 1$, even that will help. I appreciate what you can do, spread the word. Mail donations to 421 Dover Avenue, Riverside, RI, 02915 or donate online at All I want is equality. And of course, no more moobs. Please help, thank you for your support, I couldn't accomplish this without you! Thank you.

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Sincerely, Jason Bartlett
Monologue (True Stories That Happened to me)
by Jason Bartlett
Boys Do Cry
(Calmly) You think you can just tell people on Facebook that you're a guy now. Nobody will call you Jason. Nobody will call you he, him and his. Stop pretending to be something you’re not. You’re a woman. Plain and simple: you are an it.(Escalates, not calm) You fucking disgusting tranny! You motherfucking lady-boy.You're only a half-person. You are gross. You're not a real man! You have a pussy don’t you?! A vagina! Don’t you, bitch!? Prove it! How do you have sex? Show me your boobs, you know you have them! You gonna buy a sex change now?! You don’t shave your armpits and legs, that's nasty! I hope you die, I don't want to breathe the same air as you, be on the same planet as you! (pushes down stairs) Look around, even the teachers think you deserve to be treated like crap, you goddamn hermaphrodite. Nobody is helping you, see them all standing around?! So fuck you. Fuck you! (dumps backpack out, pens clatter)You’ll never be a boy scout, be in the military or play baseball. Transvestites like you are banned in those, and I’m glad they are. Kill yourself because nobody loves you. You’re really just a butch tomboy. Just because you cut your hair off doesn’t make you a guy. You are just a poser. You make me sick, faggot!(spits on ground)People are staring at you because you are weird! You are an ugly he-she. You sin everyday. Go hang yourself. You're just a girl, no matter how hard you try to be like me, cunt! You are worthless shit. You’re an anorexic crossdresser! The world would be better off without you. I will kill you and then you won’t be able to masquerade around and deceive people anymore! It’s your fault that you are this way!(kicks)You chose to be transgender and you can change back. I’ll smack you until you change back. I’ll cut you, stupid she-male twat! Why did you become a guy to like guys?! You’re not a gay guy! That makes you straight! You aren’t fooling anyone. You're a chick, not a dude! I hate you people, you're all fake, and will burn in hell! You aren’t even human! (punches)You're just a dyke, a retarded lesbian! A screwed up cracker! You're family disowned you for a reason! Go home and drink bleach!

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