Nipped in the bud...

When I was 10 years old I was being bullied by one of the boys in my class who was always calling me "Gay" and saying hurtful things about me that made the other children laugh. I suffer from ADHD and Anxiety and was a bit of a tomboy so I was a little on the socially awkward side. I reported the bullying to my mother and to my 5th Grade teacher, and the school took action right away and nipped the bullying in the bud. 

Throughout school I'd occasionally bullying again from time to time, but whenever I reported it to the teacher or the school counselor the school always took action. Other people who dealt with bullying at our schools had similar things happen. 

By the time that we were in High School it was clear to EVERY student that bullying was NEVER okay. Our High School didn't really have any bullying. Yeah, students got into fights and said mean things, but the school always nipped it in the bud so quickly that nothing else really came about it. I'm proud to say I went to our school district. Our school district is proof that if you take the appropriate action you CAN make a difference!

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