Never Stop

I was new to school and i i liked it. People did not like me because i was muslim. They where saying that i was a  terrorist and i was going to bomb the school. That has been happning for over 7 years. I have friends but they sometimes think that i am a  terrorist. I would not hang out with them if they did that but they are the only people i have and if i lose them as friends, i will become a nobody.

I haven got hit and shoved in the lockers and for a long time we have been telling the school board and still nothing changes. I go to a small school in boonton nj and there are not a people there but bullying still happends there and i wish it would stop happening to people because it is sad to see on what happends to people that are getting bullied all over the world.

I hope this stops to my school and other places all over the world. What people are not seeing that people are getting hurt by this and it is taking over unless people try to stop it witch it not happending at these schools and i would like this to stop because i am a victum and it is not a good feeling to be one. If i do not like being the victum then how do all of the people and kids react and handle this situation on there own so stop bullying and join the fight to put a end to it.

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