Never knew I would be Alive Today

Hi , name is Jodice.I've wanted to do this for a while now, never had the courage to do it, here we go. The first time i wanted to die... Kindergarten. Yeah, thats when it all started on show and tell. i was a bright kid i read college books and was interested in geology and archeology at that time, I spent about a week tranlating my own book of hyroglyphics to show the class. I told them everything i knew about them the teacher said it was inapropriete to talk about that religion.  They all laughed, at play time i got rocks thrown at my head. All cause i was smart. The first time i  remember hurting myself, 2nd grade. I asked to use the bathroom, located in my classroom, took scissors in with me. The teacher did'nt even ask me what i needed scissors to go to the bathroom. I distinctly remember thinking " This can't hurt anymore than how they hurt me" Took the scissors, undid my ponytail and brought them down on my scalp and dragged down HARD, until i felt dizzy and it was hot on my head. Put my hair back up washed my face and walked out, the scissors were still in my pocket when i went home. from then on it got worse and worse, Around 3rd grade i had 1 true friend he was cool the other kids would make fun of him for hanging out with me. his name was Tyler M. He got hit by a bus, lived. He missed a bunch of school, when he came back they said he had brain injuries. I thought we could pick up where we left off, but he did'nt know me anymore, he remembered his popular friends " my bullies" and convinced by them i was'nt a friend. That year until 5th grade my best friend became my bully. Yep, now he would join in when the kids would spit on my food, pull my hair and kick me in the hallway. I felt like nothing. And i did tell the teachers, The principal, even my mom talked to them. My BULLIEs where th kids of those parents who donated the most, time , money, and bought the most things at the school. The said " I was being sensitive." Hell even my landlord's kid picked on me. The summer after 6th grade my old teacher came up to me and actually said " I'm sorry" and gave me $5 buck to buy some icecream. Now i now you think " money how lame?" He was the ONLY teacher who ever apologized to me for not believing me. Jr High was worst i started suffering from migranes every day the nurse thought i was faking and always called my mom, the teachers would believe even scolded me for saying " I'm sick, i need to go to the bathroom." That year The teachers were worst, the kids  were only temperary pain, teachers yelled at me for not understanding problems and kids called me stupid, mistake, trash. mixed breed. I went to a school for emotional childremn after that. i'm 19 yrs old now. I never thought i'd live to be in college, but here i am. And now all the kids who bullied me don't even remember me.  And i don't care about them anymore.
 I'm in my second semester

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