Never give up !!

Hi, my name is Yuri, I'm 15 years old and I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 

I watched watched a movie called Bully . This movie touched me in a way I did not expect , the stories made ​​me cry a lot , the stories that touched me most was the story of Kelby , Oklahoma and Alex , Iowa .

 I'll tell you a little of my history , I 've always been chubby , and never had many friends , and this was one reason why the bullies stay ridicule me , they called me fat , idiot, fag , and it made me very down I semprei thought I was the only boy who suffered bullying , but when I saw the movie , it was a great relief to know that I'm not in this fight alone, it was like a miracle . I have two friends who are like my sisters , they helped me a lot , I remember that one of them would say: Never give up , do not let them win, they have no soul , they are not humans . I always wondered why the bullies who ridicule others, I think they want to get into a social group of bullies , but they do not realize that they all have feelings , we all have soul. I want very much to help everyone who suffers or suffered bullying , I also want to say that any help that anyone who has ever suffered Bullying can send an E- mail to me : [email protected] , and I also want to say that all the help that Alex and Kelby may send an E-mail. I loved the story of Kelby and Alex, are an example of overcoming, never give up and Kelby Alex, you are an example of life for me.

Remember, never let the bullies beat us, united we will win everything and everyone, we are invincible, fight your life, give blood. I know how hard it is to others talk you good for nothing, never give up, never.

I'm so sorry for mistakes, I do English course, but do not speak fluent English.

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