Never fitting in, grades 6 through 12

My bullying started in 6th grade. My parents were going through a divorce

for the past year, and my mom had no education or job when my dad left. We lost our home and had to move into government housing. When 6th grade started, I had spent the summer suffering from trichotillomania (obsession with pulling out hair). I didn't look right, suffered from constant anxiety attacks and constantly broke out in hives due to stress, and didn't have a single friend in the world. 


A boy dated me as a joke. A mean new girl started tormenting myself and my siblings for being poor. When we transferred schools for 7th grade, things got worse. People spread rumours that my mom was an alcoholic and abused me, and I stopped eating due to stress. This continued through 8th grade as well. My first day of high school, although I did have some new clothes, I wore old clothes to school because I had been threatened to be beaten up if I attended school. I went and was safe one day, and then got basketballs thrown at me in phys Ed. I failed half my year and my mom switched me schools. I had to attend summer school, and 3 girls there bullied me as well and burned my neck with a cigarette on my lunch break. I was not accepted the next year either, now being in a new city, not growing up with the local kids. I was threatened physically and verbally. Girls at school ganged up on my and tried to beat me with books, yard sticks, pieces of wood, bats, and other items. I was pulled out of school by April of grade 11 because I wasn't going to pass my year and was put on medication to try and combat the depression I was dealing with from school. 


At home from 8th grade on, I was also dealing with my moms drug addicted and alcoholic boyfriend (whom got help and is now who I call dad - he's actually amazing and a huge part of my life!) 


Im 12th grade I started dating a guy I had known through some nicer people over the years (from other schools). He ended up being a heavy drug user, was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive to me, distanced me from my family and any one else, and kept me hurt and quiet for too long. I was working as a volunteer in an elementary school, and without those teachers and staff, I don't think I would be alive today. They have no idea how much they saved my life.

When I finally got away from him, I was almost 20. I moved in with my grandparents and straightened out my life. 


Im now 25, have the most incredibly supportive fiancé ever, a beautiful 2 year old daughter and another little one on the way. I AM HAPPY! 


My message is to just hold on, and never be scared to ask for help!!! It's never too late! 

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