My story

Bullying: this is my story

Hi my name is Luis Sebastian Villalobos, age 17, and I have been bullied for my whole life. It’s hard speaking about it because I can’t talk too much people without being judged or being accused of lying. Ever since I’ve been bullied I can’t tell anyone how I’m feeling anymore. I have no voice in what I say or do with my life. I have to live up to everyone’s expectations or I’m not accepted, but I’m different and I’m not afraid to show it. Well I try my hardest to live and try to accept the fact that I’m just a shadow of everyone, but now I beatbox and its hard to because you either have those people who encourage you to keep going or there is those who put you down constantly and make you feel like crap about your life.

            It started when I was in elementary school, I stuck out because I was one of the tallest and also I was really fat as well in my class and I don’t know how to talk to people really well since my English skills are bad, and I’m shy as well. I knew from the start that the school year was going to be hard and I was right. And every day I had to deal with being called fat, stupid, dumb, and it really hurt me. When school was over I would take the bus to daycare right in town and there was a person _____ (not going to put names of my bullies) who would take advantage of me and push around, or would make me cry or hurt me and would laugh in my face about how I wasn’t strong and I’m emotional as well. I hated it because I had no one to talk to about it and I didn’t know how to defend myself. It sucked and it just kept getting worse and worse, and about a year later it got what I thought was going to be the worst of it all and that’s when I tried to stand up for myself one day and it was the worst thing I could have done because when I did he overpowered me and gave me a wedgy, pushed me to the ground, and punched me for about what felt like 5 to 10 minutes. But that day when I got home I go outside and hide around my house, because of this incident I can’t even talk to my parents or look at them in the face. It hurts me a lot when I talk about my life story.

            A couple of years passed of the same thing every day and when I was in middle school I was now 5’10” and about 240lbs. but it got worse. I had to deal with people talking trash, getting beat up every now and then, getting made fun of. Oh I hated my middle school years from grade 6 to grade 8 I was dealing with this on a constant basis. Every night I would cry myself to sleep and I would starve myself for anywhere about 3-5days trying to lose weight so I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant fact that i couldn’t defend myself in the darkest hours. I really wish I had someone there to talk to about what was happening but I didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone what I was experiencing. Every time when it came to P.E. and when we had to get dressed for activities I would have to dress in the stalls in one of the bathrooms because I would deal with everyone making fun of me for how big I was. It got to the point where I started to cut myself on my arms, legs, stomach. I hated myself because I was one of the slowest in running, learning, I never had above 3.0 in my whole life and it sucks to see all my friends make honor roll and I was sitting there struggling to have good grades. I feel horrible every single day of my life even to present day. But in my 8th grade year I was on YouTube and this video popped up about a person by the name of KRNFX beat boxing and I thought it was wonderful. So I started to try beat boxing. I started to like and enjoy it and everyday for 2 weeks straight I would beatbox and keep practicing it as much as I could. It was wonderful.

            Now a couple more years passed and now I am in high school and I hate it sometimes because I still have to deal with being called names, and people joking about how I’m too tall or that I don’t fit in, but now everything for me has changed. I’m on the road to becoming a professional beat boxer, going to college for music technology, & electronics. But the thought of what has happened to me in my past and what’s happening to me now in the present makes me still cry to this very day. I really wished the person I hold to my heart dearly and I love her to death Savonna Lopez, but to be all honest and truthful I would put my life before hers and I try to protect her n help her with everything I can do and what she needs I would have met her early on in life because I tell her everything and she tells me everything. We don’t keep secrets from each other. Now I’m a senior in high school getting ready to graduate and she is a junior going into her last year of school. I’ve started my own YouTube for beat boxing, also along with vine, & instagram. But even to this day I still feel alone and there is no hope out there for me. I think about it every day and it still hurts. I look forward to having this reposting, sharing it around, and I also look forward to meeting people that have been bullied as well or need help. I try to help everyone out and teach people how to beat box as well so if you are interested in beat boxing, need someone to talk to, or even have questions please feel free to contact me or message me. I welcome it.

            Thank you for your time,

            Sincerely Luis Sebastian Villalobos,


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