my story

Hi Guys! 

Let me just start with the fact that i am in 9th grade. Hi! Im Hannah! This is my story and my experience with bullies and the administration at that school.

My Journey with bullying starts one week before 7th grade. The school did a program called "Jump start" it is a program to welcome new students. I was eating lunch with my best friends (who i had met the year before). A group of 4 girls came up and were giving everyone candy as a "hello present". They gave some to my best friends and walked away. My friend asked "hey why didn't you give her any?" The leader of the group took 2 pieces out gave them to me and then kicked my shin. That was the start of a long journey. Every day during the school year i would get called very degrading names. I would get kicked or punched as i was walking down the hallways. On my Birthday (in Feb.) 3 boys stole my home work, i got shoved into the front of a locker, and some one wrote "B*TCH" on my locker. I called my Mom i was crying, she came to the school and made me tell the administration about what had been happening. They made me fill out an "accident report". From that day on my bullying got 20 times worse. I was filling out 5-20 accident reports. The vice-principal brought all the girls into the office with me and made us all shake hands. 1 of 5 girls became my friend and stood up for me but she also would still hang out with the bullies. I sat at the same math table as 4 boys who were bullying me. This is ONE of the many conversations I overheard them say, Boy # 1: "We should rape Hannah" Boy # 2: "Hahaha we should!" Boy # 3: "You can't rape her if she likes it." I was really upset, They had been walking in the hallway and would "accidentally" touch my butt or my chest. I also found an anonymous note in the bathroom saying "Hannah is a F***ing Sl*tty B*tch. Also someone wrote "Hannah is Fat and Ugly" on a bathroom stall. I wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch. I also began to cut myself. I had an amazing friend group but 4 weeks after my birthday I found a note in my locker that said "You're and Ugly Ass****!" I called my Mom and said "I want to leave NOW!" I packed my back pack and cleaned my locker out and went to the Principal's office. My Mom filled him on what had happened. She said, "You are losing a great student because you're school has an attitude problem and you need to fix these children's behavior!" Then he did the rudest thing I have ever heard. He looked at me and asked, "So, did you to anything to deserve this?" NO! Nobody deserves to be bullied to the point where they are self harming and considering suicide!! My mom and I left and I was home schooled for the rest of the year. The things I told you were only a few example of what happened. Last year when I went to a new school i was bullied again by one girl. I started cutting again, my parents found out. I was sent to counseling. The girl never stopped bullying me but I was doing better. Move to this year. The same girl from last year was doing it again. She was spreading rumors and saying rude things to my face. She finally crossed the line. She was making fun of my friends, she called me a "circus freak", a "retard", "loser", "ugly", "Fat". I HAD IT! I looked her in the eyes and said, "Shut up. I don't care what you think so keep your rude opinions to yourself." She hasn't really bothered me since. I still get the eye rolls and glares but that is just her insecurities. 

My journey has not been an easy one but I have survived. I have gone 2-3 months without cutting! I am blessed to have a supportive family and amazing friends! <3 If you or someone you know is going through this, YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Trust me I know that feeling. Talk to someone, a family member, an administrator, a security officer at your school! You are loved and you will get through it! Don't end your life, there is SO much worth living for. Find an outlet that gets your emotions out other than hurting yourself. I found that drawing and singing helps. Love every one of you! Bye!!!

-Hannah <3

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