My story of bullying

I never really had friends at school, i could say that im shy and most of kids where the popular ones. When i went to junior high school it was a bit hard to get with people, new friends..It was difficult to make friends because no one wanted to be friends with a shy and quiet girl like me. Boys were like ''she is ugly, i'd never date her, she is boring.." etc in front of my face and girls were like ''She is stupid, why is she still alive, i'd never want to be her friend'' and stuff.. I had friends, but fake ones.. I was like always following them, trying to be friends with them but they just ignored me.

1-2 years later i started posting youtube covers. Somehow my schoolmates found them out. They shared my videos on their facebooks saying stuff like ''she cant sing. is she stupid or what, why does she posts videos? she is so ugly. she thinks she will be famous, u have no voice! hahaha'', at school everyone called me with my display name on youtube..i was in the school yard, or class and they were saying ''hey (mn) your famous, omg sing us something hahaha'' and the teachers said nothing at all. Anyone knew about my videos and they were gossiping about me. They came to me saying ''omg i love your videos! u have nice voice :)" and then, behing my back, ''hahaha how can she put videos on youtube? why dont she look herself in the mirror?". When i was going to school everyone was starring at me with a weird look, talking to their friends and looking at me. I couldnt help but getting sad. It was a nightmare! Oh, even, someday, a girl came and told me that the previous day some kids were watching my videos on computer class, all the kids, and they were saying negetive comments about me. I was feeling so hurt. Everyday i was coming home crying about all those things. I was so dissapointed. Why should they treat me like this? What have i done wrong? Is it so bad to sing? Everyone sings, why not me? 

They even made youtube accounts to dislike and comment on my videos. It was obviously it was them because they were saying stuff like ''i hate you, ur ugly, you're just a village girl, you have no friends, dont do this to yourself'' and stuff. I even got lots of hate comments like ''go kill yourself''..did they really wanted me to kill myself? Sometimes, i'd love to! Everyday at school was hard. Even my friends were laughing when people where making fun of me. I was all alone. That feeling sucks anyway. No one want to be friends with me. Lol even my friend said ''im friends with u no matter that everyone is making fun of you and they are making fun of me too cause im your friend. Feel blessed''

I could talk about this all day, all those things that happened there.. 

Today im still who i am..i never gave up on singing because its my dream. I have choices to give up but no i will not. My idol is Justin Bieber, and he teached me to never give up, so i will. I will fight for my dreams..Its been a year since all those hate comments on singing, and they still hate but i am who i am and that cant change.

Never give up, never lose hope, stay strong and true to who u are. Be yourself and do what u want, not what others want u to do. Its your life, not theirs! Do what makes u happy. Even if they will hate u..cause they will judge u anyway. Dont listen to them. They are just haters. Kill 'em with kindness. Show 'em they cant bring u down. You're stronger than u think. If God is with u, who can be against u? Smile, and never let anyone take away your smile! You only live once!

Thanks :)

Joanna Magg


*well i think my mom would be mad if she knew i posted my story here but never mind :(

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